Classick 7.4
25 April 2024 (19:48)

Stamina System

Stamina system has been enabled!
First 2 hours are happy hours!
50% experience bonus
Premium required

You gain stamina attacking Training Monks

Stamina System

17 April 2024 (11:23)

NEW CLIENT. 17/04/2024

If you're having issues with the client make sure to erase all Classick folders from %appdata%:
{WIN+R} > %appdata% > OTClientv8 > Classick74

Download Latest Client
New client! Click on image to download it 17/04/2024
13 April 2024 (02:25)

First hours of Classick!


First hours of Classick! We reached 600 players online, it was a smooth start afterall.
Thank you all!
If you've experienced issues regarding to client please do the next:
{WIN+R} > %appdata% > OTClientv8 > Classick74z > Remove whole carpet > Start client

04 April 2024 (19:30)

New World of Classick

New World Launching 12th April

Classick 7.4:

Is a mid rated real map server made to have fun.
 Also there's a fully smooth and classic gameplay aswell with custom content.

Server Features:
Stackable Manafluids
Stackable Runes
Runes in NPC
Market system
Balanced vocations
7.4 mechanics
Instant travel in boats
Desert Quest soloable
AoL on each tools NPC
Henricus blessing(inquisition)
Fully antibot client
Guild war system with PvP-Enforced

Experience Bonuses:
Cast system gives +15%
Premium account gives +10%
Party share +20% each voc
GuildCastle +10% to winner guild
Tasks in-game

Server Rates:
Experience: Stages(30x-1x)
Magic: Stages(8x-2x)
Skills: Stages(10x-2x)
Spawn: x5
Loot: x3

Server Conection:
Location: Virginia, US.
Server and client has embedded proxies to make it playable from
 Europe and Brazil without any kind of lags.

Unjustified Information:
Unjustified kills last 12 hours
Red skull time last 2 days

4 Frags for redskull daily
20 Frags for redskull weekly
65 Frags for redskull monthly

F.A.Q & Extra Information:

Training monks in each temple
Training depots are set to Thais
There are trainer for runes and spells in client
Rashid change location each SS, google where it is. (premium required)
Tasks can be ordered in-client and they are repeteable unlimited times.
 You can have 3 of them active at the same time.
You can make desert quest alone(without items)
You can enter to live casts by typing in-game client:
Account: {nothing}
Password: {nothing}
Party share gives 20% and another 20% extra each vocation involved.
Highly recommended quest is Inquisition, atleast 1 PoI seal must be done before.
After this you can bless yourself with Henricus or Avar Tar.
There are custom content around the whole map.
Apart of that Classick 7.4 has liberty bayport hopegoromacalassasvargrond and all it's isles around.
Every quest that include a weapon or shield will come with attributes, positive or negative.
Soul orbs can be exchanged for infernal bolts at Ab'dendriel "Sweaty Cyclops access"
Strong manafluids can be bought at Prismia
Great manafluids can only be looted.
Also there are few items that can be exchanged with a single click:
Life Crystal - Life Ring
Concentrated Demonic Blood - Lifefluid(80%)Strong Manafluid(15%)Great Manafluid(5%)
You can also buy "war" backpacks at Magic Shopkeeper's for example Xodet this will depend on your vocation.

To balance vocations there are small changes in attacks and some kind of changes around for example:

Exevo pox hur
Exana sio
Exori pox

Exori con
Royal spears
Enchanted spears
Assassin Stars

Exori hur
Exori mas
Exori gran
Many high-level weapons
Weapons quests with attributes

Party Hunt:
Paladin: Utamo mas sio - Shielding +3
Knight: Utito mas sio - Melee +3
Sorcerer: Utori mas sio - Magic +1
Druid: Utura mas sio - HP Regen